Essential nourishment: Start feeding your soul with ‘Chef’

This movie is a must watch for everyone. The joy of cooking, eating and sharing food is contagious. It’s about a chef working in a restaurant going through a life crisis. This crisis takes him to owning a foodtruck selling sandwiches Cubanos and more latino streetfood. The conversations between the chef and his fellow cook and friend are hilarious. The soundtrack definitely supports in spreading the joy of cooking food while dancing. Watching the chef enhancing his father-son relationship by taking his son on their first foodtruck roadtrip is heartwarming. And I absolutely found it inspiring to see a 10-year old executing effective social media marketing for his fathers newly acquired foodtruck business. Watch this movie and get positively effected by the love of the game, the game of life.


Twitterers tweet in the Twitterworld!

End of last year I started twittering. Now 1216 tweets further and enjoying it more each day. My sister got me on Twitter and at the beginning she laughed at me, because I didn’t have any followers and I wasn’t following anyone. So for whom was I twittering? Only for myself? Well I had to do something about that! She explained me the basics for a good start and I continued my search. Before I tell you how you can integrate Twitter in your digital life, first let me explain what Twitter is. Twitter is in short microblogging. With a maximum of 140 characters you tell the world including your friends and family what you are up too. You can follow people whom you find interesting and be up to date about the ins&outs of the topics you like. I follow people who twitter about coaching, yoga, politics and capoeira. I also follow inspiring people and entrepeneurs who work in the field of communication, marketing, photography and a whole lot of different areas.

Are you in or still doubting? Before you start it is good to inform yourself!
Watch the presentation of Evan Williams on

Starting with Twitter
Evan Williams speaks about a lot of different applications which were created by users after the launch of Twitter to make it more fun to use this microblogging tool. With these applications you can link Twitter to other social networks on which you are active.

1. Create a profile on
2. For more background options, take a look on:
3. Next you can download the Digsby application, one among others, which you can use to connect all Instant messaging, E-mail notifications and Social networking you are using.
4. As soon as you have started you can also follow me if you like! My Twitter account is as follows:

Enjoy this new social networking tool!
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