Take Time to Dream: my ultimate dream


Dreaming at night takes you to places you visited, invented, a combination of both or to your own surprise you dream about images of people, places, situations and feelings unknown to you until now.

The dreaming I am referring to is DAYDREAMING! When was the last time you intentionally started daydreaming about your dreamlife? About the life you are possibly already are living, but in the daydream you added some finishing touches. Or daydreaming about the life you wish you were living? If you can’t remember, start now! As an ‘experienced’ dreamer I know from firsthand that dreams come true. If only you are willing to break down the barriers to start believing in the dream, but that’s another subject. Let’s go back to actively and playfully daydreaming about your life.

My ultimate dream
I would like to share my ultimate dream with you to give you an idea about how I go about this.

My dream has been the same for several years now. Even before I met my partner. It’s quite simple if I say so myself. I picture myself in and around a lovely house surrounded by a landscape comparable to Tuscany in Italy. I love the sea, so a combination of both would be awesome. With a large wooden table covered with fresh food, great wine, water and the seats are occupied by family and friends. All children are running and playing around this table and in the garden. Together we eat, talk, sing and play (music, games, sport and so on) with each other until the sun sets. During the day I work as in coaching people, give workshops, write and visit places to be inspired. Off course I am a working mom. This means I will divide my time between work and taking care of the children.

In a way I am already living my ultimate dream. Now, together with my partner we’re working towards our dreams. We are getting there and we keep on dreaming.

Start daydreaming now
I hope you feel inspired to start daydreaming more and more. Be careful that it doesn’t take you out of the workflow of day-to-day life. Stay conscious, but add some flavour to your current life with daydreaming. Let’s say the recipe is: a few times a day for at least 2 minutes! 😉

By Chungmei Cheng


Presentation for the Association of Shy People in the Netherlands

Yesterday I was present at their annual reunion and gave a presentation/ interactive workshop about how to bind people to organisations. How to keep your member motivated and enthusiastic to play an active role in the association. The afternoon was split in two parts. Before the pause I spoke about the importance of having a vision and a mission and how you can effectively use communication as an instrument to keep the members of an association motivated. I asked for their full cooperation so we could hand the board of members a lot to think about. After the pause I led a workshop with the theme ‘Moving in Freedom’.

My challenge was to get this group of shy people participating in what I was about to discuss with them. So to start of my presentation I said to them: “With such a big group of shy people I can’t expect nothing less than an huge amount of responses!” This remark got the crowd laughing and the ice was broken. To create a safe atmosphere I used an NLP technique and everyone started smiling and I could start off with everything I had planned.

The crowd provided a lot of information about how they see the vision for their association. Images like water, fireworks, a rollercoaster, green nature, a little duck on water, a butterfly, open curtains where the sun is shining through would get them moving towards taking more initiative, feeling comfortable within a crowd and feel playfull and calm. It was so much fun to motivate them to share their ideas.

After the pause I gathered the people in a circle and got them moving on salsa music. The exercise was to imitate me in my movements and this was only the warming -up. After the warming -up it was their turn to come up with a movement which we all would imitate. It was fun and the movements were inspired by dance, sports and clapping. They all got to the third challenge to stand in the middle of the circle and show their movement to get us moving again. Moving into the last exercise I turned of the music and for everyone who wanted to challenge themselves they could stand in the middle of the circle being quite and feel the attention of the crowed. I was happy to see that so many people felt the courage to do so. Some even surprised themselves, because they also enjoyed to be in the middle of all the attention.

Free Try Out Class Capoeira in the Hague!


I am doing Capoeira!! It is a fantastic way of getting your body moving, being with nice and open people and play Brasilian instruments. See below an email from Vitamina, monitor of Capoeira in the Hague, to his current students:

Hi Tim, Jayton, Elena, Mara, Ben, Alexandre, Alessia, Sara, Elvis, Jacquelien, Velina, Chungmei, Viki, Michal, Brenda, Sherkent, Wouter, Temor, Ines, Preet, Nikki, Angie, Kaloyan, Michael en Edelza!

Good to see these names. Why? Well, because The Netherlands, China, Suriname, Mexico, Bulgaria, Poland, The Antilles, Afghanistan, Indonesia en Brasil are all represented in the list! Personally, I extremely enjoy learning from different cultures and people. And, yes, I believe that capoeira can be a way to the share this with each other. And all of this under the flag of Brazil and capoeria. Yea! haha, but anyway, lets only my opinion, whats yours?

Another reason to like the list of names is because I can imagine what could happen if we are all together in a roda (circle of capoeira)…. how about you?

3 people play the berimbau, 1 atabaque (kind of conga), 2 pandeiros (tambourine), 1 reco reco (kind of rasp) and a agogo (kind of cow bell); 13 people left, of which 2 are playing capoeira, and 11 clapping. With all 25 we sing, and you feel the flow which raises your voice, not only your voice, but your neighbours as well…. Can you imagine it? If not, great, if yes, great. The fact remains that it will happen. hahaha. well, lets leave it here, and we’ll work on it tonight. 😉

Start 2e capoeira course
Next tuesday, 24/03/2009, the second capoeira course will start at the Hague college. Could you please confirm you attendence by email if have not already done this on the 17th of March. 10 classes are 65 Euros which you can pay me before class on the 24th of March. My emailadress is: vitamina@grupo-engenho.com

There is also a class on Friday, at a different location http://www.grupo-engenho.com/index-en.php?p=capoeira-classes-the-hague, which you also can enjoy (nice word ha? ‘enjoy’ haha). For combined payment; last paragraph.

Free try-out session on friday the 3th of April
Capoeira classes on Friday I started in summer last year. I’m quite fond of the building which is kind of old, and cosy. On the 3th of April I will give a free try-out session anyone that is interested in trying capoeira. Main idea is to let them experience a capoeira class and share and spread some capoeira-happiness! class is also from 19.00-20.30. Of course it would be nice if you brought friends, but Im also very happy with your presence (its free for everyone)!

Costs are 6,50 Euro per class. 10x = 65 Euros. One time try-out session is 5 Euro, casual class is 8,50.

On Tuesday
Next week, 24/03/2009, you can pay 65 Euros before class starts. Course is in blocks of 10 classes.

On Friday
Prior to your first class you pay 65 Euros, which allows you to follow 10 classes. Check once in while how many classes you have left.

Both days
The more capoeira the better! haha. Then you simple pay for 2 days; one day you pay per 10 classes (65 Euros) and the other one per 5 classes (32,50 Euros).

Tonight we will rock ‘n roll again, be ready! see you there!

Now me = going to the sunshiny outside !!!



For more information see website: Grupo Engenho, Capoeira in the Hague.