Coaching: working on a positive attitude

My experience with coachees is that most people do have some kind of idea about what they want in life, but they don’t know how to get there.

1. Finetuning personal goals
During the first session we talk about these ideas on work, love relationship and other wishes regarding their personal development. Like I said, most people have some kind of idea about what they want in life, but when they find themselves talking to a coach they actually finetune what they want. For example: I want a job which will match my studies, knowledge and job experience. We can finetune this goal into: I want a job in which I can mainly work with people away from the desk. I am a real people person. We can then add this to the previous goal and we get a much clearer idea of where we should head to.

2.  Identity coaching: who are you? 
After having set out the personal goals of the coaching traject we really start talking about how you can get there. To get there you need yourself! What do I mean by this? You need to know what your skills are, what you are capable of doing, what your strong and weak points are and how you can put your skills out there to get what you want. Most of the time I come in (into your life) as a coach to broaden and deepen your view on yourself as a person and on life. There are different coaching ways to get out there what you’re good at.

3. Changing mood: get positive and focused
Further down the road: there is no need to talk any further about what you want in life if you’re mentally not ready to think about those stuff. So first of all, I will get you through your world of limiting beliefs. When thinking back on a session I believe the most important thing in which I succeeded during this session was changing the mood of the coachee. At start the coachee was really sad; eyes were hanging, radiation a bit greyish and tone-of-voice was empty. After around 15 minutes I started provoking. From that moment onwards the coachee’s mood became more and more positive; laughing, stronger non-verbal communication, more strength in tone-of-voice and even joking around.

And when you feel in the mood again we get back on the tracks you have chosen to be.

Coachee Anne Marie: physically I feel much better now

As a preparation for the coaching sessions Chungmei asked me to think about my personal goals in the following area’s: study, health, family, hobby, work etc. My important goals were gaining more self confidence, be less influenced by atmosphere and mood changes and learning to deal with changes. As a kid I was really shy. I am not that shy anymore, but sometimes the shyness bounces back as a kind of a panic attack or a black –out (this happens when I don’t feel at ease). Other important goals were finishing my studies, finding a suitable job, having more time to myself and improving the condition of my neck and back.

During the sessions we worked towards my goals and I got insights about what was holding me back in doing so. This resulted in some difficult moments, but we also had some laughs. The combination of serious, personal conversations in an informal setting was very pleasant. The most special part of coaching to me is that I, myself, came up with new answers and solutions. Things you think of yourself more often have a bigger impact than advices from others. This is why I was more motivated to take actions towards my goals.

By now I can say that the coaching sessions resulted in positive changes in my life. I know where my negative feelings come from and therefore can deal with them or let them go. I take more time for myself, feel self confident and can better deal with changes. I have a dynamic job which suits me. Every day is different and I don’t have a problem with these changes. Physically I feel much better and I enjoy my time more.

If you are interested in lifecoaching, take a look on: Orchid of Life -LifeCoaching

Coachee Roos: Now I can express my feelings

I wasn’t feeling very well the last couple of months and after a terrible incident I mentally collapsed. Through word of mouth I contacted Chungmei. I was very sceptical towards coaching. Since I am a student I gladly made use of the free intake session. I didn’t know what to expect and I didn’t want to invest in something which I would regret in the end.

During the intake session I had a good feeling about her. Chungmei listened carefully to what I said and through asking short questions she guided me into the right direction. Step by step I discovered what my problem was. I couldn’t express my feelings in words. Everything I felt somehow blocked me from speaking. I did some exercises with Chungmei which showed me what kind of limiting thoughts I have and where I felt blocked in my body when I feel down.

While doing the exercises she asked me at one point to visualize what I felt. Visualizing by the use of symbols. In this way I finally could express my feelings. It was great that she came to the core so quickly and she motivated me to go on. Now, after five sessions (+intake) I feel much better. I definitely know much better how I can deal with my emotions and I experience more piece of mind and quietness in my body. After the coaching I planned the Tuesdays to reflect on the previous week. I look at my personal goals and decide on what to focus the coming week.