HSP: share your sensitivity

Share your sensitivity!

Be the highly sensitive person you are, share how you see the world through your senses and soul’s mission. Are you ready to take the next steps with your emotional and spiritual development?

The people I coach are the writers, singers, visual artists, speakers, entrepeneurs, top-level managers, psychologists and people working on different levels and positions in organizations with all one thing in common: their strong desire to be at peace with themselves. Your inner peace is your starting point, it’s from where you fly off to share your vision to contribute to a better world.

A big challenge for super creative highly sensitive people is to live of their talents. How to succeed in a world with so much creative competition? Why would I improve my skills in photographing? There are so many great photographers out there, I don’t think I’ve got the talent to squeeze myself into that world. And what about setting foot on ground of actors and comedians?

It’s hard work. It doesn’t pay the bills, it’s actually eating up my savings.

Let me tell you how I think about competition and what success is all about. If you think about it, there is no competition. If you keep on focussing and enjoying what you most like to do, you won’t even have time and energy to look at the competition. It’s about building your world one step at a time. It’s not about what others do. It’s about what you want to achieve in your own pace.

And about success: write down your own definition of success and live by it. To me it’s waking up in the morning and looking forward to what the day will bring. Among other things: laughter of my children, joking with my partner and father of my children and coaching and rebirthing highly sensitive people.

Let’s say goodbye to the struggling-through-life mentality and change this into let-love-flow attitude.

We are all naturally self-confident. Close your eyes, breathe, feel how your mind struggles to surrender, but slowly it will surrender in order for your body to be heard. Because you want to live life to the fullest. You want your voice to be heard. And you definitely want to wake up each day knowing that you are contributing to a better and more loving world. Mind, body and soul will be aligned in the process of emotional and spiritual development. Inner peace will surface and you will feel who you are, what you want and how you will achieve this.

It’s so much easier to lead a creative lifestyle when you have tapped into that abundant resource of inner peace and self-love.

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When life gives you lemons…

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

I love this phrase. This phrase contains sadness and happiness. It directs the reader to make something fun out of something sad. In some strange way this phrase led me to some of the rebirthing sessions I’ve guided this week via video skype.

While this lady over fifty was crying her heart out over not even feeling she has a choice in different situations, she suddenly burst into laughter. Laughter changed into crying again. I was looking at my screen, a bit in doubt, because I wondered if she was laughing or crying. She cleared my doubt by sharing she was laughing. I commented that laughter heals, she totally agreed. I forgot to ask why she started laughing in the first place.

Another lady in her thirties started and finished the session off with laughter. In between she cried her heart and eyes out. She was able to direct her anger towards her parents in stead of down talking herself over and over again. She let out this destructive energy by stamping her feet, throwing her arms around, screaming the hell out of her and jumping up and down.

And this mixture of laughing and crying showed me these ladies were making lemonade. It shows a huge strength when you’re able to laugh when you’re feeling completely miserable.

The lemons given to the highly sensitive people I guide are diverse:

  • Being brought up by parents who are not able to communicate about emotions,
  • Being fired away as a kid by an angry and dominant parent,
  • Too be sensitive is to be weird, dreamy, a crybaby, shy, fearful, anti-social in the eyes of others,
  • Because of childhood trauma’s still living out of fear, anger, sadness, shame and guilt as an adult,
  • Growing up in an environment in which natural born talents were not seen nor stimulated,
  • Living up to parent’s expectations in stead of discovering your own path in life.

It’s up to you to make lemonade out of these lemons. It’s not easy, but it is sure doable. And you will finally fully enjoy your home-made lemonade!

Choosing to emotionally develop takes you to different surprising tastes of lemonade:

  • Embracing your highly sensitive self; yes, you are spontaneous, yes you are quirky, yes you are dreamy, yes you are a “mind & heart”-reader, yes you are attentive to the needs of others, yes you are creative, yes you are … (fill in the blanks yourself),
  • Attracting jobs, relationship(s) and friends which and who resonate with your soul,
  • Feeling safe, loved and appreciated on a daily basis; from self-love comes greatness,
  • More physical and mental energy to do the things you like,
  • Able to choose easily for the situations in which you will thrive and easily turning down the proposals which will drain your energy level,
  • Living your own path and feeling natural self-confident about the steps you take.

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Coachee Anne Marie: physically I feel much better now

As a preparation for the coaching sessions Chungmei asked me to think about my personal goals in the following area’s: study, health, family, hobby, work etc. My important goals were gaining more self confidence, be less influenced by atmosphere and mood changes and learning to deal with changes. As a kid I was really shy. I am not that shy anymore, but sometimes the shyness bounces back as a kind of a panic attack or a black –out (this happens when I don’t feel at ease). Other important goals were finishing my studies, finding a suitable job, having more time to myself and improving the condition of my neck and back.

During the sessions we worked towards my goals and I got insights about what was holding me back in doing so. This resulted in some difficult moments, but we also had some laughs. The combination of serious, personal conversations in an informal setting was very pleasant. The most special part of coaching to me is that I, myself, came up with new answers and solutions. Things you think of yourself more often have a bigger impact than advices from others. This is why I was more motivated to take actions towards my goals.

By now I can say that the coaching sessions resulted in positive changes in my life. I know where my negative feelings come from and therefore can deal with them or let them go. I take more time for myself, feel self confident and can better deal with changes. I have a dynamic job which suits me. Every day is different and I don’t have a problem with these changes. Physically I feel much better and I enjoy my time more.

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Start building Self esteem and Confidence!

alegria 7

Building self esteem is one of the steps to happiness and a life you enjoy more. If you have low confidence or low self esteem you will find it impossible to be the person you could be and your happiness will be limited. Self esteem increases your confidence. If you have confidence you will respect yourself and then you can respect others, improve your relationships and become happier. This is not a selfish goal as you will contribute more and share yourself with the world and those around you.

Some people come into my practice and they believe that they have a low self esteem. How did they found out? They started to search for information in books, on the internet and by watching programs on tv. Everything they have searched for confirmed exactly what they felt, but during the coaching process we found out that there was something else going on. In reality the coachee wasn’t given the space, time and recognition of his capabilities by his caretakers and therefore he couldn’t develop himself to be a happy adult. Especially when there is another child or children involved who need more care, then it is possible that the caretakers don’t divide their attention with the consequence that a child could feel neglected.

Children have their own fighting mechanism, so during childhood it could seem that everything is fine with the child, but as an adolescent growing up to be an adult the person can go through difficult stages because of experiences in childhood. The following example illustrates a positive attitude towards an infant who is discovering his body: What are you doing there in the corner with your toys Michael? a mother asks her 4 year old. I am rubbing with my willy against the truck. That’s is nice: Yes, that’s right, my darling. Does your willy get bigger? Yes, mom, look! Michael takes his pants off en shows his erection. Oh yes, I see now. Well, that’s nice? Do you want a cookie?

The mother in the example doesn’t feel ashamed by the situation and therefore she won’t label the action with her own limiting beliefs. The child is blessed with the attitude of his mother, because as an adult he will be able to enjoy in general, his own body and especially his sexuality. I could give you thousands of tips to build your self esteem, but the only tip I would like to give you is to take the dive into what really limits you to feel self confident. All the other tips you can find searching through every available media channel! 🙂