Yoga boosts daily breathing

Beginning of last week I started yoga at yogastudio Linggan in the Hague city centre. Before my first class I had been doing yoga at home by myself. I must say it was my best yoga decision in a very long time. I have been doing different styles of yoga over a course of 12 years. I started out teaching Body Balance at a gym in Rotterdam.

Because of Body Balance I got familiar with several yoga positions. The positions intrigued my mind and body so I decided to start iyengar yoga at yogastudio Charles de Hond in Rotterdam. This style formed my yoga base. From here onwards I hopped from city to city, from yogastudio to yogastudio to try different styles and find some peace of mind. I tried ashtanga yoga and yin yoga, but I can’t recall ever having done sivananda yoga.

So last week I got introduced to sivananda yoga by Savitri Sattoe. We started out with mantra’s. She made clear that we could sing along or listen and let the sounds vibrate through our system. I chose for the second option. At home I used yoga positions as part of my self-healing journey so I am well aware of a therapeutic side effect. During class I felt parts of my body open up and stiff muscles loosen up while breathing continuously. What an amazing feeling of deep relaxation. I enjoyed class especially, because I found myself in a position in which I could follow; listening to her instructions, guided meditation and thinking of nothing else, but my breathing.

What I noticed in my body and mind after having done a couple of classes has to be shared! Quality of my breathing went up; more continuous and relaxed. A clear mind; I write a lot for my work and writing takes place in a flow state of mind; less thinking, more writing. Fysically stronger and flexibeler. And last, but certainly not least; a better night’s rest.

My partner and I both got an unlimited month card and we will make good use of that!!