HSP: share your sensitivity

Share your sensitivity!

Be the highly sensitive person you are, share how you see the world through your senses and soul’s mission. Are you ready to take the next steps with your emotional and spiritual development?

The people I coach are the writers, singers, visual artists, speakers, entrepeneurs, top-level managers, psychologists and people working on different levels and positions in organizations with all one thing in common: their strong desire to be at peace with themselves. Your inner peace is your starting point, it’s from where you fly off to share your vision to contribute to a better world.

A big challenge for super creative highly sensitive people is to live of their talents. How to succeed in a world with so much creative competition? Why would I improve my skills in photographing? There are so many great photographers out there, I don’t think I’ve got the talent to squeeze myself into that world. And what about setting foot on ground of actors and comedians?

It’s hard work. It doesn’t pay the bills, it’s actually eating up my savings.

Let me tell you how I think about competition and what success is all about. If you think about it, there is no competition. If you keep on focussing and enjoying what you most like to do, you won’t even have time and energy to look at the competition. It’s about building your world one step at a time. It’s not about what others do. It’s about what you want to achieve in your own pace.

And about success: write down your own definition of success and live by it. To me it’s waking up in the morning and looking forward to what the day will bring. Among other things: laughter of my children, joking with my partner and father of my children and coaching and rebirthing highly sensitive people.

Let’s say goodbye to the struggling-through-life mentality and change this into let-love-flow attitude.

We are all naturally self-confident. Close your eyes, breathe, feel how your mind struggles to surrender, but slowly it will surrender in order for your body to be heard. Because you want to live life to the fullest. You want your voice to be heard. And you definitely want to wake up each day knowing that you are contributing to a better and more loving world. Mind, body and soul will be aligned in the process of emotional and spiritual development. Inner peace will surface and you will feel who you are, what you want and how you will achieve this.

It’s so much easier to lead a creative lifestyle when you have tapped into that abundant resource of inner peace and self-love.

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Life Coaching: starting anew as a confident woman


Her choice to start lifecoaching is motivated by her wish to start anew as a confident woman working with the best intentions, high ambition and responsibility. But at the moment she is afraid that negative experiences will be repeated. That there will be people who will be envious of her success and wanting her to step down and leave the company. That is what her manager aimed at, but she didn’t get it the easiest way, she got it the hard way. She fought for what she had built up. She is lamenting the fact that she couldn’t say goodbye to her colleagues.

Nothing is moving forward, change is so dificult

Nothing is moving forward, change is so difficult! Those thoughts seemed to be so deeply engraved into my mind when I talked to the last time to my coach that I found myself completely hopeless and felt a moment of regret for her.

We didn’t talk for long. The summer she did what she had previously recommended to me – focusing on herself. While I did, what I shouldn’t do – focusing on anyone but me. Trying to repair broken friendships, trying to forget guys whom I liked or even loved but who were not interested to be a friend or partner to me, trying to cope with the ego issues of some chauvinistic men. Not being able to work because this all disturbed me mentally so much. But did really “nothing” happen?

Well, if you just see the routine of your daily life you neglect your own moments of success, as rare as they might be. I got a job contract though it is only for some month, with really nice colleagues. I managed to solve the issue with my parents, another topic I was talking about with Chungmei for long. I found myself a fantastic socializing person even among Germans during the marriage of my brother which was another very happy and pleasing event. I distanced myself not from all the complicated friends I know but from those ones who had not been good for my personal well-being. And I got to know so many people during the past days, good people, not the ones who pretend to be good and just turn out to be “friends of need” who throw you away in the end when they got what they wanted.

One thing indeed is different. I might not feel totally happy, but I do feel more stabile inside. A very small center of balanced gravity found its way alive. What will finally come out of it, I don’t know, but I do not care much about this currently, as it “just feels good”. I learned a lot about myself, about my special way to be, as a member of the human minority population which is hypersensitive. I spent hours to convince ignorant friends that hypersensitivity (hsp) indeed exists and that people with this phenomenon face so much different personal challenges in life than others.

Finding a center of gravity inside oneself is really a pleasure because it gives way to develop inner strength. I am looking forward to taste more of it…

The story of Tara

With my shot of today’s prompt ‘Warm your heart’ goes a story, the story of Tara. Tara is one of our six cats. She came last and is very special. She has given me so much (love, warmth, signs) and she is the reason that I am an animal photographer today.

Tara came to us in the summer of 2005 as a stray. Eric and I had just moved to our new house a few months before and were still in awe about all the new things around us.

She came accompanied by a male stray cat, which looked very unhealthy (but later on happened to have a home). Me being a true animal lover I couldn’t just let them be and started feeding them. Soon Tara opened up to us. She warmed my heart and I became infatuated with her.

I started trying to find Tara’s owner. Hanged flyers at the local shops, asked around, and phoned animal shelters. But no owner was found. Because we already had six cats around the house (Eric had three and I had three, that is how we met, but that is another special story), we couldn’t give Tara a home (so we thought).

So after six weeks Eric and I decided that the best thing to do was to bring Tara to the animal shelter. The day I brought her to the shelter I was heartbroken. She sat contently on my lap in the garden giving me her trust and love and I just couldn’t say goodbye to her. But I had to be brave. I picked myself up and brought Tara to the shelter.

At that time I recently had lost my job and as a return favor I signed up as a volunteer. I also just finished the first year at the Fotoacademie. Working at the shelter gave me the perfect opportunity to do what I loved most, caring for and loving animals and using my camera.

I started to photograph the animals, mostly cats, on a daily basis and got more and more inspired by them. I even succeeded to bond with the problem-cases and bad tempered ones. One evening, after another depressing talk at the kitchen table discussing about what I should do with my life, I was shaken awake. Eric pointed out to me to have a closer look at the thousands of cat photo’s I had made. I had created some pretty amazing shots. Could I do something with that? That hint opened my eyes and I had found my passion.

After three months of voluntary work at the shelter I found a job again and it was time to leave. Tara still lived at the shelter, waiting for someone to give her a home. In the meantime she had given birth to two lovely kittens. Unfortunately she had stayed in a very small cage for three months with her kittens. From a loving and trusting animal she turned into a vicious little witch. That broke my heart again; nobody at the shelter loved her but me. Knowing this how could I leave her behind?

So we decided we definitely could not leave her at the shelter and she became our seventh cat. The same day I took her home she turned into her loving self again, tried out all the favorite cat places and felt at home right away. Fortunately Tara fitted into our group of cats perfectly and she has become a loving tease.

Until much later I discovered the little heart shaped patch on Tara’s ear and all I could do was smile.

Some animals are chosen because there is a connection. Others touch your heart with a message. Either way is special. Luckily I chose to follow Tara and later on chose to give her a permanent home with us. What would I have missed if I had made different choices? Although I love all our cats dearly, up to this moment Tara is my very special friend and, strangely, I am her favorite person (sorry, Eric, but it is true).

I don’t believe in coincidence and think that a life lesson goes with this story. If you don’t know which direction to go with your life or what to decide just ask yourself questions and let go, look around you and be aware of signs you get, people you meet and be patient. The things you need sometimes come in unexpected ways. (It took me very long to figure it out and I needed Eric’s help to see what was clear ahead. And there is still lots to be learned for me).

The road to being successful as an animal photographer is not an easy one. But when I think of the story of Tara I know animal photography is meant to be for me. I need to persevere in what I love most. (My word for 2011 is perseverance).

That is why Tara fits the prompt ‘warm your heart’ perfectly. She truly warms mine.

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