HSP: living a creative life, it’s worth the effort


At the moment I am in the train on my way to Utrecht to give a training on HSP and communicating your bounderies. This gives me time to have a little tête-à-tête with you on this insta-couch and facebook page.

I am so freaking proud of my hubby Arnold. To me he is thé example of a highly sensitive man chasing his ultimate dream. And to some extent we are in this together living our creative life based on our talents. But there are differences. The main difference is that Arnold is most happy when he or someone else puts a camera in front of his face so he can share his take on life. I am most happy when I see people processing their deepest limiting/ destructive emotions.

I’ll take you on a quick tour through his creative journey.

💫 He started out life with three nutrition titles on his name: two bachelors and one master.

💫 He never started a job based on those titles. Instead he ran his capoeira organization for 10 years: a capoeira group and giving all kinds of capoeira workhops to children and adults.

💫 During start-up of his capoeira organization a burn-out took him down. (And still dealing with a continuous headache while pursuing his ultimate dream)

💫 If determination would be a title given out by higher education establishments he would be given this title. While running his capoeira organization he pursued his dream to tell jokes on stage as a comedian. These 4 years were characterized by achievements and setbacks, but in general every step took him closer to be at ease with the most happy, cheerful and light version of himself.

💫 *deep sigh* And now finally he is putting in practice what the comedy world taught him: to simply be himself doing the things in life which gives him the most pleasure and joy. Parallel to this very important aspect he gets paid doing so. Living a highly sensitive creative life is possible. It’s not easy, but it’s gratifying to the max!!

Head over to his Insta @arnoldbalde to see what he is up too.
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Thanks a lot!


IFFR: The Amazing Catfish


There we were, sitting in a crowded room, waiting for ‘The Amazing Catfish’ to start. Being part of the International Film Festival in Rotterdam (IFFR) is amazing. The atmosphere was vibrant; people talking, smiling, the smell of food mixed with the loud sounds produced by a life dj in De Doelen. I totally forgot about the way they would go about this, so yes, I was a bit surprised when filmmaker Claudia Sainte-Luce walked up the stage. She was introduced by a presenter of the IFFR. Her presence was open, sweet and grateful. She took a photo of us, her audience.

This Mexican tale moved me to the bone. It relates about the protagonist Claudia who gets to know a family within vulnerable circumstances. Slowly but steadily she gets to know each family member and each of them in their own space opens up to her. We got to know Claudia more through her non-verbal communication rather than her verbal communication. This was because of her character, someone who doesn’t speak a lot, but also because of her roots, Mexican culture.

While observing al this non-verbal communication I linked it to a part of a training I recently provided. The training is called ‘Positive communication in relationships’. I shared examples of high-context and low-context communication styles within personal and professional relationships. How Mexicans communicate is definitely high-context with lots of non-verbal communication expressed in eye-contact, gestures and pauses.

This was again demonstrated while filmmaker Claudia was interviewed after the movie. She used a lot of words and story lines to answer questions from the audience. She showed her emotions. She moved us by her presence, because she was even willing to drink whiskey and dance for us if that was what it would take to start asking her more questions about the movie. I didn’t have any questions. The emotions triggered by her movie were still trembling inside of me. I was only able to listen for a bit more and than we left.

Keep calm and sparkle


With so many things happening on the personal front we were continuously challenged on the work front. The past four years haven’t been easy with a burnout husband. Even though he still has this enormous headache we’re slowly crawling our ways up to a ‘normal’ living. A normal living would of course be when he is 100% healthy, but since we can’t plan the date of him being fully recovered, we do our best in our own pace.

We have dreams, big dreams. Dreams in which all of you are included. We strive for a healthy and happy living; mentally, physically and spiritually. Tonight at dinner he told me about someone who inspires him. Someone who trains people to get to know their true voice. He was impressed by his training method and thought he could do something similar; freeing people from their blockages. In his case it would be by moving. His thinking and brainstorming about the topic brought him to his moving core: his free flow capoeira method. A method which can make people of all ages enjoy moving, like they enjoyed moving when they were a child. Teaching people how to enjoy moving and playing around is only one of his dreams.

The thoughts I shared with him were about the ebook I’m writing on anger: how to deal with anger when you’re a highly sensitive person. The writing went well, my mind was crystal clear and that was exactly what I needed to fill the gaps. Now I realize I didn’t share my thoughts on workshops. Thoughts come and go like that. This morning I received two more sign-ups for a workshop I organized on emotion management for highly sensitive people in Utrecht. I was so happy that I started daydreaming instantly about organizing a workshop with a friend of mine. A friend who works as a psychologist and with whom I studied neuro linguistic programming. I saw myself having fun with her while brainstorming about different workshop topics.

At the moment she is super busy so I need to tame my enthusiasm. And that’s good, it’s good to keep my focus. Focus helps to finalize our current projects. Let’s stay calm and sparkle on this road called love.

Training ‘A Fun Filled Life’


The 4th of November I gave a training with the theme ‘A Fun Filled Life’. It was soooo much fun to present this training to an audience of 25 heads. Especially because the training consisted of several surprising and confronting parts and exercises! How come I know this? Because while I was contemplating on what I would put in the training I shared some of my ideas with my partner. Many times he was like: “So, what would you like to achieve with this exercise?” and “Are you sure about presenting this?” Yes, he was trying to understand me. Even though he questioned me I felt he trusted my abilities as a coach/trainer. Finally, he decided to leave me playing around: “We will see how they will react!”

To answer his questions: what I wanted to achieve with the exercises is what I had discussed earlier with the client. They recently had been through a reorganisation and there was one coming up. The atmosphere on the workfloor was a negative one. Employees were gossiping away, working on the projects they needed to do in stead of doing more than they were asked to do. The client wanted me to spark the fire to create an attitude which would reflect teamwork, switching from a negative point-of-view to a positive one with many possibilities.

Like my partner, I was really eager to see their reactions and if they would be willing to play along. The result was that like 95% of the participants were easily motivated to stand up and move, share their views and work on the exercises. The group consisted of a wide range of positions held in the company, such as advisors, secretaries, controllers and a director.

Three weeks later I had a feedback session with the client.  I received some great feedback. One thing which was definitely mind blowing to me was that I worked time orientated. The feedback was to let go of the time frame towards the participants and keep it 100% to myself.

Get an impression of the training: click here. 

Contact me, if you would like to hire me as a trainer: orchidoflife@gmail.com, mobile phonenumber; +31642804038
Lifecoach for Orchid of Life


Did you find peace of mind?

“Did you find peace of mind?”, one of the participants during the training ‘A Fun Filled Life’ given on the 4th of November asked me this question. My answer was a whole heartedly ‘yes’. Yes, I found peace of mind after the birth of our daughter. Her presence brings us (me and my partner) back to the basics of life. I simply can not stress myself, because the attention has swifted from my wishes and ambitions to taking care of her. Of course I do have my ambitions, but I reach for them in a slower, more thoughtful pace. Yes, in other words, with peace of mind!!

And what is your story? Have you found peace of mind?

Free Try Out Class Capoeira in the Hague!


I am doing Capoeira!! It is a fantastic way of getting your body moving, being with nice and open people and play Brasilian instruments. See below an email from Vitamina, monitor of Capoeira in the Hague, to his current students:

Hi Tim, Jayton, Elena, Mara, Ben, Alexandre, Alessia, Sara, Elvis, Jacquelien, Velina, Chungmei, Viki, Michal, Brenda, Sherkent, Wouter, Temor, Ines, Preet, Nikki, Angie, Kaloyan, Michael en Edelza!

Good to see these names. Why? Well, because The Netherlands, China, Suriname, Mexico, Bulgaria, Poland, The Antilles, Afghanistan, Indonesia en Brasil are all represented in the list! Personally, I extremely enjoy learning from different cultures and people. And, yes, I believe that capoeira can be a way to the share this with each other. And all of this under the flag of Brazil and capoeria. Yea! haha, but anyway, lets only my opinion, whats yours?

Another reason to like the list of names is because I can imagine what could happen if we are all together in a roda (circle of capoeira)…. how about you?

3 people play the berimbau, 1 atabaque (kind of conga), 2 pandeiros (tambourine), 1 reco reco (kind of rasp) and a agogo (kind of cow bell); 13 people left, of which 2 are playing capoeira, and 11 clapping. With all 25 we sing, and you feel the flow which raises your voice, not only your voice, but your neighbours as well…. Can you imagine it? If not, great, if yes, great. The fact remains that it will happen. hahaha. well, lets leave it here, and we’ll work on it tonight. 😉

Start 2e capoeira course
Next tuesday, 24/03/2009, the second capoeira course will start at the Hague college. Could you please confirm you attendence by email if have not already done this on the 17th of March. 10 classes are 65 Euros which you can pay me before class on the 24th of March. My emailadress is: vitamina@grupo-engenho.com

There is also a class on Friday, at a different location http://www.grupo-engenho.com/index-en.php?p=capoeira-classes-the-hague, which you also can enjoy (nice word ha? ‘enjoy’ haha). For combined payment; last paragraph.

Free try-out session on friday the 3th of April
Capoeira classes on Friday I started in summer last year. I’m quite fond of the building which is kind of old, and cosy. On the 3th of April I will give a free try-out session anyone that is interested in trying capoeira. Main idea is to let them experience a capoeira class and share and spread some capoeira-happiness! class is also from 19.00-20.30. Of course it would be nice if you brought friends, but Im also very happy with your presence (its free for everyone)!

Costs are 6,50 Euro per class. 10x = 65 Euros. One time try-out session is 5 Euro, casual class is 8,50.

On Tuesday
Next week, 24/03/2009, you can pay 65 Euros before class starts. Course is in blocks of 10 classes.

On Friday
Prior to your first class you pay 65 Euros, which allows you to follow 10 classes. Check once in while how many classes you have left.

Both days
The more capoeira the better! haha. Then you simple pay for 2 days; one day you pay per 10 classes (65 Euros) and the other one per 5 classes (32,50 Euros).

Tonight we will rock ‘n roll again, be ready! see you there!

Now me = going to the sunshiny outside !!!



For more information see website: Grupo Engenho, Capoeira in the Hague.