Welcome at Orchid of Life ~ HSP Coaching & Rebirthing

IMG_4003Hello! Great that you are visiting my weblog. My name is Chungmei Cheng, owner of Orchid of Life ~ HSP Coaching & Rebirthing. 

Coaching is one of my great passions. I am fortunate to be able to work as an HSP Coach & Rebirther and make a difference in other people’s lives. Why would you start life coaching with me?

Because you have come to a point in life that you want to make real changes happening. You are motivated to work towards your personal & business goals. As a coach I am equiped with a variety of coachingtools to support your personal growth mentally and fysically. The coaching session takes place in an informal ambience or via (video)skype. What I can offer you is the following:

While I am asking you goal-orientated questions you become aware of useful insights. Along with the goal-orientated questions I keep you focussed about where you want to go so that you keep on walking the desired road.

You want clarity about your current situation and where you would like to go to.

I will put myself 100% out there to work with you on gaining clarity about what you want out of life. Moreover, I make you conscious about your learning points as we move on towards your personal goals.

You want to break through your fears.

In confidence you share your fears with me. Fears are fed by negative thoughts and these thoughts limit you to access a world full of possibilities. In an intuitive manner and by using coachingtools such as neuro linguistic programming, social panorama and provocative coaching I will show you how it feels to live from a positive point-of-view.

As a coach I am your mirror. This mirror reflects with constructive feedback given in a warm and inspiring tone of voice. My coachingstyle can be defined as a mixture of confrontation and humor which brings out your own tools to bring positive change in your life.

You can reach me at chungmei@orchidoflife.nl to book a coaching and/ or rebirthing session in The Hague or through video calling.

With Com-Passion,
Chungmei Cheng

HSP Coach & Rebirther

One thought on “Welcome at Orchid of Life ~ HSP Coaching & Rebirthing

  1. Hello!

    I am a 3rd year Journalism student at Edinburgh Napier University in Scotland. We are currently working in a magazine we will print in the next few weeks and I have written an article about online dating, love, etc. I was wondering if I could use your picture in our magazine, the one with the hands and the sand in a heart shape.

    I would be very glad if I could use it in our magazine.
    Thanks very much for your time.


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